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The first step in awarding a hunt to a combat veteran is to locate a qualified individual. Due to privacy issues this is not as easy as it may seem. SFMF has significant high level contacts throughout the military community and is able to place advertisements where soldiers gather, such as in military hospital physical therapy areas. SFMF advertises in various media. Candidates are interviewed by SFMF personnel. During the interview process candidates are informed of the specific requirements and rigors of the hunt. The interview is detailed in nature so as to describe what will be expected of the veteran-hunter. This may or may not dissuade individuals. Subsequently selections are made. Should you be a combat veteran, or know of a combat veteran, or an immediate family member of a veteran killed in combat, who would enjoy and benefit from our outdoor activities, please contact SFMF.

Hunting activities include all hunting fees, food, lodging, and taxidermy for one animal. A weapon will be provided if needed. All guides are experienced in the handling of disabled hunters. No assumptions will be made. Preparations are detailed, in order to fully prepare the combat veteran-hunter so that the hunt will be a terrific experience. Hunts include North American big game such as elk, moose, deer, bear, etc., in addition to wing shooting and turkey. International hunts have taken place, although are rare due to costs. Veterans may be accompanied by a family member, their personal handler if available, or if needed, a handler will be provided, suitable to the combat veteran-hunter. Handlers are trained in the assistance and care of the veteran, and assist in various personal non-hunting needs. In addition, a military/outfitter liaison attends each hunt. Hunts may require special equipment depending on the particular game hunted and local terrain. Based on the interview with the veteran, limitations, if any, will be known and any required special equipment will be pre-positioned before the hunt.

Permission may be requested to film the hunt. This creates promotional opportunities and aids SFMF in its quest to seek out additional combat veteran-hunters. However, no filming is done without permission, and permission to film is not a caveat for invitation or participation.

"While the act of hunting on the surface may appear inconsequential, it is all that the hunt represents to the veteran-hunter that truly matters. The completion of the hunt represents accomplishment, ability, achievement, and success."